Mathieu St-Pierre is a Canadian experimental visual artist, specializing in the fields of video art and photography, but more specifically in glitch art. St-Pierre's passion for experimentation within a multitude of video manipulations stemmed from a lifelong passion of cinema.
Since, he has refined his passion for visual art to focus on the creative medium of digital glitches and generative art.
After graduating, St-Pierre returned to South Korea in 2006. His exhibition “100dpi.” was shown at the Gahoedong 60 Gallery in Seoul in 2015. Regarding this exhibition, St-Pierre reiterated that the creation of his work is a matter of trial and error. St-Pierre's “100dpi.” was made without an underlying subject in mind, but through gradual distortion critically observes 'the perversions of the Internet'. The hypnotic beauty of St-Pierre's distortion of virtual data provokes the viewer to trigger memories from a real world experience.